Queens and Thrones can help make your next event a smashing hit. We offer our presence for Bachelorette parties, Bridal Showers, Social Mixers, Birthday Parties or any private event. Along with our intriguing information about how to live like a goddess, we can also provide our all natural beauty products and adornments to give your guests a hands on experience.  We promise a unique experience that is majestic, charismatic and captivating!

Bridal Showers + Bachelorette Parties


Queens and Thrones is here to bring the Goddess Charm to your next Bridal event! We offer a plethora of fun Goddess games to help break the ice. We talk about the power of the Yoni, Venus love signs, Goddess Archetypes and much more.  We give you tips on how to enhance your powers of attraction, magnetism and personal charm. Our parties are a sure way to give your guests a unique experience. We can also provide goddess gifts for your guests. They will not be disappointed and will leave your party charmed and delighted. 


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Goddess Retreats + Social Mixers


We offer long goddess retreats that span a couple days, as well as over night goddess parties. At this luxe event you will learn all about the goddess energy and the divine feminine. You will also get pampered with our all natural beauty products such as our goddess oil, spritz elixirs and body potions. We include sacred dance, beauty adornment, feminine healing and much more. Learn about which goddess archetype you embody by taking our exclusive goddess test. Also discover your Venus nature and powers of attraction through our love scopes. The fun is never ending and sure to promise a great time!


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Goddess Coaching


If you would like a goddess coach to come speak at one of your events or you would like a personal one on one session, please let us know. Some of the key subjects we coach on are: 


  • The Goddess Energy

  • Yoni Power

  • Manifestation + Success

  • Magnetic Appeal

  • Astrology + Energy Dynamics

  • Art of Seduction

  • Beauty Adornment + Attractiveness 


We are also open to any suggested topics of your choosing. We are fun, energetic, inspiring and uplifting. Personal goddess coaching sessions start at $50 an hour.


For goddess coaching events, please email us!