Welcome to Taurus Season: Beauty & Abundance Awaits

We are now in Taurus Season! Yessssss....the flowers are starting to bloom again and the Sun is coming back to visit us permanently. Taurus season really is a time of optimism and infinite possibilities if you open your mind it and you're ready to receive. This is the season of abundance. Taurus represents everything that is stable and grounded in our lives. It also represents fertility and the ability to grow things organically. This is the ground of our being. Taking things "back to the basics" and creating an open space for pure manifestation. What are your goals? What do you want to grow in your life? How do you want to invite love in? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself during this time.

Taurus teaches us a lot about patience. It is mother earth herself. The most patient and nurturing being we know of. Mother earth is about allowing. She allows change and transformation to take place while she remains the same. She is the manifestation of SECURITY. Security is actually a very important concept because it not only describes what is outside of us, but it reflects how we feel about ourselves internally. They are both a mirror. If you are trying to manifest outer security, I suggest you start looking at your self-worth. This is another quality that Taurus rules. Your self-worth and self-value determines how others will treat you and what you will and will not accept for yourself. The more valuable you feel, the more abundance will be attracted to you. As always, everything starts within. Queens and Thrones is about healing through the Divine Feminine energy. We teach that everything is a reflection of inner being and by working on your inner being you will naturally manifest your outer desires.

It is really important to start to connect back to your creativity and what is that you LOVE. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus rules beauty, connectivity, relationships, harmony, balance and creative expression. These are the things that make us feel good about ourselves. That is the whole purpose of Venus. Venus is the feeling function in astrology. When we feel good, we come alive and we are open to all life has to offer us. We also feel more optimistic when we open our hearts to the people around us and we are able to connect on a deeper level.

This will be a great month to focus on your love life and deepening your relationship to others. Taurus is a very loyal and fixed sign. It is a great energy to invite into your love life if you want a long lasting and stable bond. I always recommend people getting married in the month of May due to the stabilizing, fixed and fertile energy that is in the air. Its just a really beautiful time to solidify anything that means a lot to you.

We will be having a Scorpio Full Moon on April 29th 2018. This full moon will take place at 9 degrees Scorpio. If you have any planets at or around 9 degrees Scorpio in your natal chart, this lunation will be affecting you. You will also feel it if you have any of the fixed signs ( Leo, Aquarius or Taurus) around this degree. Scorpio full moons are usually very intense and eye opening. They expose what has been brewing quietly beneath the surface of our unconscious mind. The things we may have wanted to sweep beneath the rug and forget about. It will highlight our deepest desires, our obsessions, our insecurities and our need for deep intimacy. The Taurus New Moon will take place on May 15th 2018 at 24 degrees. This new moon will highlight any new ways we can bring more abundance into our lives and better ways to support ourselves. It will also may bring new love connections into our lives and new outlets for our creativity

Take advantage of this energy! It only comes around once a year. Happy Manifesting xo

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