Whew! Mercury Retrograde is finally over...Making Peace with your Past

Wow just wow. That was an intense mercury retrograde transit. It literally felt like a digging up of all the skeletons of ones past. It was not easy at all, but hey what did we learn through all the agony? Since the retrograde happen in the warrior sign of Aries, the warrior in us has gone back to retrieve those parts of us that had been lost or even stolen from us! So many of us have gave up our power to others who were not deserving. Each...and...every...one...of...us. The mirror was turned inward during this transit for us to see exactly where we have given up our power in our lives.

It is of course very painful to look back and see time wasted with people or situations that were not worthy of our time, but these things are important for self reflection and self revelation. Not only was it Mercury retrograde but we also had a ton of squares taking place between Capricorn and Aries energy, along with a Saturn and Mars conjunction. Can you say Pressure? A lot of people were on the verge of a mental breakdown through all of this ( myself included ) and you really felt this energy if you are a Cardinal sign ( Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn). The spot light has been on you since 2018 started and will continue to push you along throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

I always like to look at these time periods as a course correction. If you were going down the wrong path, karma has definitely made sure you were set on the straight and narrow this month. We are being pushed to LET GO.....once and for all. A lot of the fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may be having a really hard time with this because they are loyal signs that like to stay put in relationships. Most of that will definitely be coming to a end once Uranus goes into Taurus on May 15th 2018. All of the fixed signs will be challenged to make major changes! Whether they like it or not.

This Mercury Retrograde was a hard one because we had to dig deep into our past. Our childhood wounds were up for display and it was extremely hard to stare them in the face. I remember this meme I saw on instagram that said " You claimed that you healed you childhood traumas and confronted your shadows....the retrograde determined THAT WAS A LIE!" I mean this is so true. We really sometimes believe that we have confronted our past, but then the present always reveals that there is still yet more that lies beneath.

Going forward, lets embrace our new found power and refuse to let doubt prevail. in this current Aries season we are learning to either sink or swim. No more contemplating about what you are going to do, like Nike said " Just do it!". This retrograde has given us time to reflect on our past and what mistakes from our past have held us back from truly winning at life. This behavior is to no longer continue for the rest of 2018. Turn over a new leaf and get started on expanding that business and being the entrepreneur you were meant to be. Its time to let go of those negative relationship patterns and commit to self love and preservation.

Chiron shifts into the sign of Aries today. This is another major transit and push in the right direction toward greater independence. We are going to be able to heal our identity issues and get back to our core selves. With the New Moon that happen yesterday, There is a lot of Cardinal energy in the air so be sure to take advantage of this fresh new start!

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