Detox to Discovery. Jupiter Retrograde | March 2018

Happy Pisces season Goddesses!

This energy has been a strong force to say the least, and if you're highly sensitive to transitional pulls, you may already be feeling the influences of the upcoming Jupiter Retrograde happening on March 8, 2018, as well.

Pisces, whose ancient ruler was Jupiter, has a dreamy, lax energy that causes you to feel the effects of reality either too much or not at all! In a "half here, half not" kind of sense on many occasion, and that can be heavy for any sign of the zodiac to experience, especially those with strong Piscean energy to begin with! So what're we to do when the out of body experiences become too much and all is blurred? Seek an escape, right!? Wrong...well, that's certainly in the nature of Pisces to overindulge on the carefree vibes of the dreamworld through sleep and other forms of escapism. However, with the winds of Jupiter's retrograde drawing closer, escapism will only make matters worse if you aren't careful.

Now, don't be too worried if you've already given into the lure of the unconscious realms of the Piscean comfort zone, the effects of being there can only collide with the philosophies of Jupiter, the modern ruler of Sagittarius, in retrograde and open your eyes to yourself in terms of the changes that must be made in order to stand fearlessly in your light in order to move forward, whether you're ready to witness it all or not.

Beginning 23 degrees in Scorpio and ending 13 degrees in Scorpio on July 10th, 2018 (yes, during Cancer season) it's needless to say that all the water surrounding this retrograde can surely lesson the fire than would traditionally cause an abundance of accidents and disease to occur during this time frame. Though, because it will still be a heightened possibility of unfortunate events, it's absolutely vital that an emphasis on your well-being is noted. Starting a new detoxing ritual, paying extra close attention to the colon and the liver, will serve you well during this retrograde, preventing any illness that could come about as a part of the influencing energies at play. Also, try not to let the insight and events you receive about any harsh truths of self and challenges to prepare you for next level on your journey stress you out! As stress is a major precursor for sickness and faulty decision making. Allow your self to be open to wisdom and the experiences you face and apply them to your life accordingly.

One way to bring more positive outcomes into your life during a time that otherwise, though for the greater good, brings trail and tribulation, is to include the Jasmine flower within your daily life.

The Jasmine Flower is one of the most, if not THE most, powerful flower in spiritual work and even symbolizes "a gift from God" in it's most original spelling, "Yasmine".

This flower brings clarity, sincere love, sensuality, luck and is also directly associated with the planet Jupiter!

Drinking Jasmine tea will also benefit the highly recommended detoxifying process in ties to this retrograde.

Spiritual baths and meditations (with candles) will also help to align your chakras and your thoughts.

Spritzing your entire body with the Jasmine Spritz Elixer, uniquely hand-made and provided by Queens and Thrones, will work wonders on your Jupiter Retrograde experience, leaving you feeling centered, sensual, calm and powerful all while transmuting any opposing energies and thus attracting good fortune and admiration in it's place.

As nerve wrecking and testing as this Jupiter retrograde may seem, remaining mindful of the recommended actions to take as well as the advice given to you through your own deeply rooted intuition, will create jaw dropping, life changing, outcomes!

Full recognition and acceptance of the knowledge you discover about yourself and the world around you is crucial at this time. Keep in mind that it is all for your greater good, and the easier you take the lessons for what they are, the better you will feel and the faster you can manifest!

- Queens and Thrones

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