Goddess Saraswati. Virgo Full Moon | March 1, 2018

Phrase of the moon cycle: "Freely controlled".

Let's start by looking at the basic energy that'll be primarily felt on and around this full moon.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (that thankfully hasn't gone retrograde...yet), which is the planet of communication. More specifically in Virgo's case, mental communication.

Naturally, the current Piscean urge to run away from harsh realities & dare I say it...responsibilities, will more so transform into the need to face and fix what's even on the mere verge of breaking. Thanks to the upcoming Jupiter Retrograde energies tangled with this astrological whirlwind, Jupiter's need to speak to us on an unconscious level, no matter how harsh our inner most truths are and the Virgo-Mercury need to speak to us on a more conscious level, putting an emphasis on the faults of our inner most truths, these two can really stir up some "A-HA!" moments that will virtually slingshot you into realms you didn't think you'd ever become adept to experiencing in this lifetime.

Now, of course A LOT of patience is still required here...for without it, you risk tapping into the dark energies of Virgo.


Virgo, though humble and selfless at her best can be quite the stubborn biotch that can't be told a thing about anything, from anyone (even herself) when she doesn't get what she wants, when she wants it and HOW she, egoistically, wants it.

Keep in mind that nothing reaches it's peak instantly, so as long as you're able to take the lingering justice seeking energy of the Aquarius new moon and balance out all areas of detail concerning the cosmic information you're about to be given in abundance, you will not only have the dreamers flow of Pisces but you'll also be able to carefully analyze the ways in which you can realistically go about achieving the things necessary to make them tangible.

Oh! Did I mention that this full moon is spinning in at 11 degrees, 22 minutes in this Mercurial vibe?

1122 is a highly charged number that is seen when the angels are trying to send a message to dream big and have FAITH in your abilities because your mission here on Earth is more important than you can even imagine right now.

When balanced correctly, the energies associated with this full moon will surely grant your wishes of success, whatever that may be within your journey, through the acceptance of ones self in terms of innate abilities, a healthy sense of control, PATIENCE and the trusting and following of ones own heightened insight and intuitive nudges.

Tune into your inner Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, art forms and learning, and come into the realization and grounding within the "essence of" your best self.

Soaking in a bath filled with natural salts, herbs and oils will only intensify your connection to this powerful full moon.

Yoga or floor meditations (preferably solo for Virgo energy) will allow you to feel bound to the earth, while intentionally putting a focus on your brain as well as your third eye, heart and sacral chakras, with each individual inhale preceding the relief of any tension and blockages in these areas of your being.

Frankincense is a GREAT essential oil for this kind of energy ahead!

Cleansing the yoni/womb area is also a very magical thing to pursue during new and full moon cycles alike, but especially this one with water sun/ earth moon opposition. Allowing earth, water, heat and even air elements (oh, hey Aquarian new moon intentions) to combine and heal your ultimate area of life and creation.

Using a Yoni Steam will stir up the magic within, providing the much needed self-love ritual for the greater good of all that was, all that is and all that is coming.

May this full moon bring you a heightened sense of love for and trust in oneself and the universe.

- Queens and Thrones

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