The Venusian Wealth Jar is finally here!


After searching long and hard for the perfect elements for this jar I have finally concocted the perfect blend. This jar contains real money! As well as real flower essences to create the ultimate money magnetism.  Being able to attract money is about awakening the senses and putting yourself in environment of abundance you want to receive. I created this jar to be a part of your daily money manifesting ritual to invite the magic into your life needed to create wealth. Making money is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not stressful and tiring. This jar is here to help you change your vibrational frequency around your self worth and self value. 


You should use this wealth jar as part of your daily work ( to pull in more money) or for wealth manifesting. Place it on your vanity, alter, or desk. It's especially good to use after taking your ritual bath and doing some manifesting. Just rub some of the oil on your chest area, neck and forehead. You can also recharge it by burning a green candle on top of the jar. This elixer is made with my famous goddess oil, flower essences, herbs, exotic honeys and floral mix.



*For external use only

The Venusian Wealth Jar

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  • Jars take 1 week to make as oils have to sit and steep 

    Every Jar is made to order 

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