Learn to expand your life with the Jupiter Frequency!


In this class you will learn all about the Jupiter Frequency and how to utilize this energy for success!! We will discuss :

-Your Jupiter placement and what it means in the natal chart
-The Numerology, History & Mythology behind Jupiter
-What physical items you can use in your daily reality to tap into the frequency
-How you can use the Jupiter Frequency to increase business 
-Learn about the Jupiter transits and how you can utilize then for your benefit
-What role Jupiter plays in inspiring the world and having huge influence

Most people never take the chance to tap into their full Jupitarian potential. Once you tap into it, you will never think of doing things in a 3D way ever again. The Jupiter Frequency is a short cut you can take to have a direct link to the universe to get whatever you want. Why work harder when you can work smarter by tapping into the Jupiter Frequency?

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The Jupiter Frequency Class


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