In this wonderful class, we will cover a variety of subjects dealing with synastry in astrology between couples. Synastry is the combination of two natal charts put together to see how your planets interact with each other. This describes the energetic relationship between two people. Relationships are very complex, and synastry helps you to see the dynamics of your relationship from every energetic perspective possible. You can see where you vibe with someone and where you clash and WHY. I will be teaching you how to understand your synastry charts in depth in this class. Keep in mind synastry can be done between any two people ( family, siblings, friends, co workers etc) So its a very expansive subject. Some things we will cover:


*We will break down the 5 major aspects in depth in synastry which is Sextile, Conjunction, Trine, Opposition, Square. How they operate in relationships.

* Relationship Houses - 5th, 7th and 8th ( Transits through these houses and understanding the 3 types of relationships)

*Long Term Relationship planets that are important in synastry, which are the MOON, Saturn, Venus and Mars. 

*Aspects to the North and South Node - Past life connections and Future life development

*Influence of the outer planets in synastry
- JUPITER ( This person brings you opportunities or lack of )
- SATURN ( Potential for long term stability or lack of)
- URANUS ( This relationship is exciting but unpredictable)
- NEPTUNE ( I found my twin flame or its just an illusion)
- PLUTO ( Obsession, soul bonding love or fatal attraction)

* The Asteroid Juno and the Characteristics of the marriage/life partner and the atmosphere of your marriage.


These are just some of the guidelines for the class. We will be covering much more than what is listed here. You do not want to miss this amazing class! You will leave knowing so much more than what you anticipated.


. You will receive a link to the class via email that you can go back and watch at your convenience and as many times as you like.

Synastry for Lovers Class 101


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