This service is for people getting ready to enter their Saturn return or already going through it and need guidence. The Saturn return happens between the ages of 28 and 31. This is a critical time in our lives and represents the true threshold of adulthood. This is why people go through a mid life crisis when they are close to approaching 30 years of age. It takes Saturn 28 years to make its way around the zodiac. At age 28 Saturn comes back to where it was at the time of your birth for a  re-evaluation period and intense spiritual testing. This can be a very strenuous and stressful time as lot of things in your life will be called into question. Relationships can start to disinergrate, you can choose a completely different career path, or you may part ways with long lost friends/family etc.  Most of the time there is a huge focus on the house and sign that Saturn is placed, in your natal chart. 


We will be focusing on any major transits that are signifigant to your growth. I will give you guidence on how to handle the issues that will be coming up. I will also let you know how life will look after your saturn return is over and the amount of success you will be able to achieve. Currently, Saturn is transiting the zodiac sign of Capricorn. If you are unsure about your saturn return, check you natal chart and look at your saturn placement. If it's in Capricorn you are going through it right now. If its in Sagittaius, you have already went through your Saturn return and you are now intergrating all the lessons you learned over the past 3 years. If your Saturn is in Aquarius, you will be entering your saturn return in a couple years, so it would be wise to prepare now.




Saturn Return Guidance

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  • This is a voice recorded reading that you will recieve to your email address within a 2 week time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can recieve it sooner depending on the work load.


    *This service is offered as a live one on one session as well. If interested click the Live Sessions & Classes tab to book a session via skype or phone

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