In this new reading you will discover your path as a priestess of divine feminine energy on this earth. What will be revealed is as follows:


  • What your feminine powers are ( psychic ability, clairvoyant, clairaudient, seer, prophetic dreams, sexual healer, etc)
  • What goddess energy you are connected to if any ( not everyone is connected to a deity)
  • What forms of spirituality you should use ( tarot, astrology, shells, numerology, psychic readings etc.)
  • If you have a future career in the divine feminine or spiritual arts.  If you are already in the business, if you will be sucessful.
  • Where you are at currently on your priestess path of initiation. Also what blockage or victories you are facing at the moment


Any other information that comes up during the reading will be added as well. This reading is to help you get a clear understanding of where you stand on the priestess path, what needs to be worked on and where you are headed. This reading will also give you more confidence to move in a certain direction or to change your path to something that is more suitable for you. I will be using your astrology information, tarot/oracle cards and my own gift of wisdom, intuition and discernment to conduct the reading. I know a lot of divine feminines are confused or just getting into the goddess path. I understand your need to clarify and understand where you fit into this wonderful world. I want you to develop your gifts and become super confident with what you bring to this world as a divine asset. You will enjoy this reading and take its wisdom with you everywhere you go!



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  • This is a voice recorded reading that you will recieve to your email address within a 17 day time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can recieve it sooner depending on the work load.


    *This service is offered as a live one on one session as well. If interested click the Live Sessions & Classes tab to book a session via zoom or phone

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