In this intimate report, I will discuss your astrological moon sign in depth. I will highlight any aspects that it is making to other planets and well as the house it sits in. This will give you deep insight into your emotional nature and emotional needs. The moon sign is what you need to feel at ease and comfortable in any situation. It is the energy that needs to be fulfilled before going after your outer purpose. The moon sign can also tell you a lot about love. Venus is important for courting but the moon is important for long lasting relationships. Get in touch with your lunar energy today!


This is a voice recorded reading that you will recieve to your email address within a 2 week time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can recieve it sooner depending on the work load.



Moon Sign Report

  • This is done via video and you will be sent a link to the video once its complete. It will be emailed to your email address. Turn around time for reports is currently 3 weeks. Each person's chart is studied and interpreted in detail. You can follow up with an in person discussion with True Brilliance via phone or google chat for an additional $25. Invoice will be sent for the additional service at the time of order.

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