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In this class True B will be doing an extended bag talk by discussing money magnetism. We live in a society that prioritizes work over well being. We have been conditioned to think that providing a living for ourselves requires us to work our fingers to the bone and not live in our higher selves. With Uranus being in Taurus over the next 6 years, money is changing and is more accessible than ever before. What we should work on is BEING instead of DOING in this new paradigm. This concept is foreign to a lot of people, but this is indeed how you end up getting everything you desire. You can put less strain on yourself while effortlessly attracting all of your desires. You do this by becoming magnetic. Before you can become magnetic, you must deprogram yourself from your limited beliefs that stem from childhood and generational karma. You have to think for yourself and create a new way of being that is more expansive. Some key things that you need to learn and will be taught in this class are:


* How the moon cycles affect our magnetic field and the periods you are able to manifest more abundance 


* How to develop your relationship to the womb space and space consciousness which allows your desires to materialize


* How to be more receptive - learn the Art of Receiving!


* Become accustomed to Luxury Living (and not feel shame)


* De-program childhood beliefs of unworthiness, low self esteem, the value of money, what you can't afford etc


* Open up your energy channels to the resources that already exists


*Become aware of your natural talents and discover your intrinsic value


* How to refrain from taking money so serious! Your vibrational thoughts around money matters!


If you are ready to shift your vibrational beliefs around money and become more magnetic then this class is for you. Take it from someone who has Saturn & Uranus in the 2nd House, I had to learn how to let the bag chase me step by step. Let me show you how I mastered this concept!

Money Magnetism Class


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