This report will highlight the transits taking place in your life currently and for the next 3 months. This is a snapshot of what is taking place energetically in your life now. I will let you know what to expect and what to prepare for. I will briefly highlight your love life, career, spirituality, emotional temperament and any transformation that may be coming your way.

This is a great report to get if you have any big events of decisions coming your way. If you are thinking of getting married, moving to another city, having a child, or changing careers, this is the report for you! It is best to make important decisions when the energy is right. If you are navigating through tough energy or feeling stuck, it may not be a good time to push forward. However, if the energy is right it could bring tremendous benefits to your life.

Current Astrological Trends

  • This is done via video and you will be sent a link to the video once its complete. It will be emailed to your email address. Turn around time for reports is currently 3 weeks. Each person's chart is studied and interpreted in detail. You can follow up with an in person discussion with True Brilliance via phone or google chat for an additional $25. Invoice will be sent for the additional service at the time of order.

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