Finally its here! Get the insight you need about your childs personality traits and how they will develop over the years. This analysis will go over their basic astrology placements and explain their personality in depth. It will also highlight their develpment into adult years. We will also need to look at the parent's natal chart to see what the relationship will be like with the child and parent. This is a very key componant to understand your childs life. There may be aspects between you and your child that can be challenging and will need to be discussed and aknowledged. This is an amazing service to get for parents that just had a newborn and want to get better aquainted with their new child's energy. Overall, this service is great for any parent curious about their childs metaphysical development.



Child Natal Chart Analysis

  • This is a voice recorded reading that you will recieve to your email address within a 2 week time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can recieve it sooner depending on the work load.


    *This service is offered as a live one on one session as well. If interested click the Live Sessions & Classes tab to book a session via skype or phone

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