In this report we will go over important Asteroids and points in the natal chart. Some of the asteroids we will cover is Lilith, Juno ( Asteroid of Marriage), and Chiron. Lilith represents our deep and hidden dark sensuality. Juno is the asteroid that tells us who our best marriage partner is and what type of marriage we need to feel truly satisfied. Chiron speaks to our deepest unhealed wounds that took root in childhood. We also look at the vertex point in your natal chart, which is the point of fate. The vertex usually triggers an important and life changing event that will happen to you once a major planet hits this spot. Some of the things that can happen are marriage, fame, gain or loss of money/status, birth of a child and many other important events. We will also cover the part of fortune placement in your chart. This tells us how you can gain massive fortune and good luck in your life and how to go about getting it. You will be amazed at all the hidden info you will find in this report that you never knew about! Book it today!


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Asteroids + Important Points in the Chart Report


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