What type of lover do you need based off your Natal Chart? We will dive deep into this question in our Astro Dating Profile. We take a look at your Moon (your emotions) and your Venus (Your relationship needs) to determine what kind of lover will suite you best. We also look at your Sun (your overall identity) and your Mars (your sexual style) to see what inspires you in a relationship and what makes you passionate.This is a fun report that will give you more insight into what truly satisfies you in relationships, and how you can go about getting those needs met in a way that better suites you. We will tell you your best love matches in the zodiac and what combinations work best for you. We will discuss your outer planets and what signs match best with these heavy hitters to ensure a long lasting and passionate relationship. We will also tell you what and who to stay away from when dating. Some people are a complete waste of your time and we dont want you to waste another minute!  Order this report today!



Astro Dating Profile

  • This is a voice recorded reading that you will recieve to your email address within a 2 week time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can recieve it sooner depending on the work load.


    *This service is offered as a live one on one session as well. If interested click the Live Sessions & Classes tab to book a session via zoom or phone

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