Are you wondering where your earning power lies in your natal chart? Do you suffer with amassing the wealth and abundance you truly want in your life? Well this is the perfect report for you! We take a look at your natal chart in depth to look at where your best earning potential lies. We will look at your 2nd house of earned income and possesions, as well as your 8th house of joint finances and resources. This will tell us how you can earn money for yourself, as well as how you can pull money from other sources. We will see how your money house relates to your 10th house of career and if you there is a solid connection between the two. Another thing to take a look at is the earth signs in your chart such as Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. These signs rule the earth element and let us know how grounded and stable you are. Earth energy is a major componant in attracting wealth into your life as it resonates to the frequency of money and abundance. 


The next thing to consider is the current transits taking place for you. We will see if there are any planets transiting your money houses and your 11th house of unexpected wealth. We will also forecast any upcoming eclipses and/or New and Full Moons that may be affecting your money sectors. This report is great for those of you looking to build a business, initiate generational wealth or earn more money from your career choice. Book this amazing report today!!


* Please allow up to a maximum of 12 days to receive this reading to your email address.  This is pre-recorded, if you would like an in person session, video or phone chat, please email us. 

Wealth & Abundance Astro Report


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