Exotika Aphrodisiacs

Exotika is our premier scent line. Created with all natural oils and herbs, our proucts are blended to perfection. Our oils and body potions lock in moisture for up to 48 hours and can be used for all purposes. Our scents are deep, mysterious and majestic. Reminiscent of a dream or a rich fantasy! You definitely will love indulging in our products after a long hard day.


Purchase our products independently or within one of our Goddess packages. They make great gifts for any occasion!

Exotika Goddess Oil


Like velvet on the skin, this deep sultry goddess oil is all you need for an all purpose moisturizer. Put it on after a shower or bath and you won't have to moisturize your skin again for 48 hours! It can be used as a tanning oil, bath oil, skin healing oil and in foot bath for soft beautiful feet. Shop our goddess oil now! 

Exotika Body Potion


This after body wash potion is to be used after you lather and rinse in the shower or bath. It is meant to coat you skin like honey and slowly melt into your skin with the hot steam. This makes your skin incredibly smooth and the sensuous texture is ideal for goddess pampering. Indulge and enjoy, it doesn't get any better than this! 

Goddess Gifts


Our goddess gifts include a combination of our Exotika Aphrodisiac products. We also added healing crystals, bath tea, candles and personalized card with message. These gifts are perfect for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Graduations and Anniversaries. Buy your loved one a goddess gift today!