The Brand 

Queens and Thrones is the new feminine brand. We specialize in the Healing Arts by providing a number of services to fit your evolutionary needs. Our Founder, Sonya Jayne', also known through her YouTube channel as True Brilliance, has been studying Astrology, Synastry and Goddess Mythology for over 15 years. Her goal is to bring our personal myth to reality by using tools such as Astrology to better understand the energies at play within our lives. Healing can take place at many levels but it always starts with the self.

Queens and Thrones focuses on the Divine Feminine as the missing link within our lives. This includes all of the unseen elements that support our outer lives. Until we are balanced between the masculine and feminine energies we are not complete beings.
Red Rose

We Offer

Some of the services we offer are:

- Wanderlust retreats for deep healing and restoration. We believe that travel expands the mind and can heal the soul.
- In depth astrology reports and goddess coaching for people that want answers to life's most puzzling questions.
Queens and Thrones is expanding their brand in 2020! Our prime purpose is to bring the "magic" back to life through the creative arts, travel expansion and internal transformation. Join us on this journey to the next level, where expansion is the only way to go!