April 23, 2018

We are now in Taurus Season! Yessssss....the flowers are starting to bloom again and the Sun is coming back to visit us permanently. Taurus season really is a time of optimism and infinite possibilities if you open your mind it and you're ready to receive. This is the season of abundance. Taurus represents everything that is stable and grounded in our lives. It also represents fertility and the ability to grow things organically. This is the ground of our being. Taking things "back to the basics" and...

April 17, 2018

Wow just wow. That was an intense mercury retrograde transit. It literally felt like a digging up of all the skeletons of ones past. It was not easy at all, but hey what did we learn through all the agony? Since the retrograde happen in the warrior sign of Aries, the warrior in us has gone back to retrieve those parts of us that had been lost or even stolen from us! So many of us have gave up our power to others who were not deserving. The mirror was turned inward...

March 4, 2018

Happy Pisces season Goddesses!

This energy has been a strong force to say the least, and if you're highly sensitive to transitional pulls, you may already be feeling the influences of the upcoming Jupiter Retrograde happening on March 8, 2018, as well.

Pisces, whose ancient ruler was Jupiter, has a dreamy, lax energy that causes you to feel the effects of reality either too much or not at all! In a "half here, half not" kind of sense on many occasion, and that can be heavy for any sign of the zodiac to...

February 27, 2018

Phrase of the moon cycle: "Freely controlled".

 Let's start by looking at the basic energy that'll be primarily felt on and around this full moon. 

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (that thankfully hasn't gone retrograde...yet), which is the planet of communication. More specifically in Virgo's case, mental communication

Naturally, the current Piscean urge to run away from harsh realities & dare I say it...responsibilities, will more so transform into the need to face and fix what's even on the mere ver...

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