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Internal and external well being go hand-in-hand. What you think, you become & what you visually perceive based on external stimuli, is what you will ultimately store into the subconscious mind. Divine feminine energy IS the subconscious power house.

Cater to your feminine force with the products and services at Queens & Thrones and reclaim your throne!

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Upcoming Events
True Brilliance Atlanta Meet Up
Sat, Apr 11
Location is TBD
Apr 11, 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Location is TBD
Come join us on at the True Brilliance Atlanta meet up where we discuss sensuality, astrology, transformation and the divine feminine!

Goddess Retreat September 2020

Queens and Thrones will be hosting our 2nd Goddess Retreat this September 2020

Join Us

The first Goddess Retreat was a huge success! We created a powerful divine feminine vortex that we will continue to manifest from in the future. I am so excited to do it again in September. If you would like to be a part of this life changing experience, please inquire. I am building a list of women who would like to attend. The location is still to be determined but I am considering California

Book a one on one Session with True!

Get a live session with True and discuss your Natal Chart, Synastry Chart for Lovers, Relocation Chart or get Goddess Coaching! Slots fill up fast. There is availability this month 

New Astrology Services

Priestess Power Reading

Want to find out your spiritual gifts and your role as a priestess in the world? Book this amazing reading and reclaim your power!


Solar Return Chart

Is it your birthday or someone that is close to you? Get a solar return chart for them! Find out what to expect in the coming year astrologically.


Wealth & Abundance Report

Have you been having money issues? Are you not receiving what you feel you are truly worth? Get the wealth and abundance report where we tell you the best way to get wealthy according to your natal chart!


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